Elgin Organics
A sad farewell

Gay and I have come to a stage in our lives where we have had to make a very serious decision and that is to sell our beloved Lorraine Farm.

We considered all options, and as our three sons are actively engaged in their lives elsewhere, there was no succession of them taking on where we have left off, so it left us no option but to consider selling.
Our neighbour, Pieter Reuvers, asked us many years ago, first option to purchase. Accordingly we asked Pieter to make an offer which included very favorable conditions for us.

Our association with the Reuvers family goes back many years, in fact 50, when Gay's father Tils and Pierre Reuvers had the foresight to build the Lorraine Dam. This action assured both farms, and others, adequate water supplies then and into the future.

Now for the difficult news. Our organic work over the past 14 years will come to an end and Pieter will farm Lorraine conventionally along with Texel his home farm. This is a very tough statement to make after all our associations we have built up with you during the organic period. We will continue to market our first grade certified organic fruit for as long as stocks last, juice for as long as the stocks are there and vinegar for at least another year as the most recent vats filled, take a year to mature.

This is a long story but we have enjoyed the road walked for which we are enormously grateful and now look forward to seeing to all at Elgin Open Gardens in early November this year as we will continue to live in our home on Lorraine for another 5 - 8 years.

All our love

Mike and Gay Prevost